Let Provo Citizens Decide

Brewpubs impact all of us - so we all should have a say.

The issue.

In a narrow 4-3 vote the City Council recently zoned shopping centers and the heart of downtown to allow Brewpubs. They then created licensing for brewpubs.

Several citizens believe this kind of decision needs to go to the public for a vote so we created a referendum, which puts the implementation of the licensing on hold. If we are able to gain enough signatures it will let Provo citizens decide on whether to allow licensing for brewpubs.

Brewpubs cannot happen without licensing!

We would not spend the money and effort if we did not believe this decision was important to our community standard, health, safety, environment and cost to tax payers.

Please join us in putting this decision on the ballot in November by signing this referendum.

Why we are concerned.

Environment & Infrastructure

Brewpubs waste 70% of the water they use – and this waste that runs into our sewer system is 4 times more potent than residential waste.

Utility fees will increase dramatically over the next 2 years. without brewpubs. It is not fair for citizens to also subsidize brewpub waste water even on a small scale.

Health and Safety

Alcohol is a drug – Brewpubs make it more enticing & increases its use.

Societal costs avg $807 per citizen or roughly $2.05 per drink.

Community Standard

Provo is known for its current standards – approving brewpubs will make us known for beer.

We should be proud to keep Provo unique

How can you get involved?


Print out the ordinance and the petition page.


Sign the petition page (and maybe get a few more signatures while adhering to social distancing guidelines).


You can scan a copy of your signature and ordinance page to LetProvoVote@gmail.com.

We need both pages back.

If you would be willing to help our campaign and donate to the effort it would be greatly appreciated.

We have costs with printing packets, messaging, and reaching voters.

Venmo – @George-Stewart-53